How Magic Sun Solar sped installations with the UFO

"Setting glass is now 15-20% faster with the UFO. That turns into real dollars at the end of the year.”

- Brandon Hurlock, Owner

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When Magic Sun was founded in 2010 to help friends and neighbors “go solar,” they had no way of knowing how far they’d go in a few short years. The tidal wave of change in solar between 2010 and 2016 challenged many companies to stay afloat.  

Being resourceful and dedicated got them pretty far, but Magic Sun also had a few “tricks” up their sleeve to deal with the challenges of expanding operations and swelling payroll.

"An 8 kw system used
to take nearly two

days to complete.

Now we’re done

by 2:30 pm on the

first day, and with

a smaller crew.”

– Jim Bustos, Lead Installer

Hugging the Sierra foothills, Magic Sun serves commercial and residential customers in highly diverse jurisdictions. Project designs can range from simple to complex, and wind and snow loads from mild to extreme.

Magic Sun’s team uses IronRidge’s “Design Assistant” to complete project designs in minutes. And every design comes with a pre-stamped engineering letter, covering all the application types and snow loads Magic Sun encounters. Plus, the tool generates a bill of materials for each project array.

Magic Sun estimate saving 20-30 minutes per project. That might not sound like a lot, but multiplied by 250+ projects per year, it’s more than 100 man-hours.

"Setting glass is 15-20% faster with the UFO.  That turns into real dollars at the end of the year.”

Brandon Hurlock